Simple Fractures

What Are Simple Fractures? 

A fracture may seem simple enough to understand but there is actually more than meets the eye if we’ve recently diagnosed you with a fracture. There are two different kinds of fractures: full fractures and stress fractures. A full fracture is the result of trauma while stress fractures, as you may already be able to imagine, are caused by overuse. If you’ve been diagnosed with a simple fracture (also known as a closed fracture), this is also a type of full fracture that may have occurred while in the heat of a sports game or from a bad fall. Learn more about simple fractures and how they are treated.

If you are suffering from a fractured foot, arm, wrist or ankle, then you may experience many of these symptoms:

  • Pain that gets worse when bearing weight or putting pressure on the injured area
  • Pain that gets progressively worse
  • Swelling or inflammation in the area of the fracture
  • Tenderness, particularly to the touch
  • Bruising around the fracture

If you notice any of symptoms then it’s important that you stop what you are doing and seek proper medical attention so you can get on the road to recovery. If you do end up being diagnosed with a simple fracture there are many recommendations that will be made to help ease your symptoms as your fracture heals. Common treatment options include:

Elevation: Keeping the injured area above your heart can reduce inflammation and swelling.

Icing: To reduce pain and swelling you can choose to ice the fracture for about 20 minutes multiple times a day.

Casting/Bracing: Your doctors will also tell you if you will need to wear a cast or brace for several weeks while you heal. These braces are usually worn for about 6-12 weeks.

Rest: You need to rest as much as possible and avoid activities that could affect or worsen your fracture. You want to focus on doing whatever you possibly can to promote a faster recovery.

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