FAQs about Custom Braces

By Cumberland Bone & Joint Clinic
May 22, 2019
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Have you ever felt that your body would feel and perform better if it just had a little help? With custom bracing from Cumberland Bone & Joint Orthopedics/Precision Bracing in Somerset, KY, you'll get the exact help you need from Dr. Robert Supinski. This highly skilled orthopedic surgeon understands the goals of his patients and the intricacies of their acute and chronic injuries. Whether you wish to speed up recovery, have better balance, reduce pain, or something else, Dr. Supinski and his team will construct the custom brace that is just right for you!

FAQs about custom braces

What is a custom brace? A custom brace is a uniquely-crafted and fitted supportive device which an orthopedic patient wears on their podiatristknee, back, ankle, or other bodily area. The brace provides balance, support, and protection. It also allows for the maximum function possible, whether the person is recovering from an acute injury or dealing with a chronic disability resulting from something like a stroke, multiple sclerosis, or degenerative disc disease.

What are custom braces made of? Your Somerset, KY, orthopedic surgeon insists on state of the art, quality materials which are lightweight, moldable, and durable. Metal, graphite, latex and more are common materials selected and fitted for best weight support, functionality, and, yes, aesthetics. If you are allergic to latex, your brace will be constructed with an alternative material.

Who determines what kind of brace I need? The team at Cumberland Bone & Joint Orthopedics/Precision Bracing Clinic works with your primary care physician, physical therapist, trainer, or caregiver as needed to determine what brace would accommodate your needs, including fit, ease of application, your activity level, and more.

How much should I wear my brace? Your physician will tell you how long to wear your brace, as well as teach you how to care for it, store it, transport it and clean it.

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At Cumberland Bone & Joint Orthopedics/Precision Bracing Clinic, Dr. Robert Supinski and his team make getting the help you need easy. Our focus is on informing our patients and creating the best path to wellness and optimal function. For more information, please contact our Somerset office at (606) 416-5225.