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By Cumberland Bone & Joint Clinic
May 23, 2017
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Have you resigned yourself to living with arthritis pain? Help is available no matter what type of arthritis you have. Somerset, KY, arthritisorthopedic physician Dr. Supinski of Cumberland Bone & Joint, shares some information on common arthritis treatment options.

Physical therapy

When arthritis affects your ability to move normally, physical therapy can help you regain some flexibility and increase your range of motion. Special stretches and exercises are used to gently improve joint function and strengthen the muscles that support your joints.

Prescription medications

When over-the-counter medications don't do enough to relieve your pain, prescription medications may be needed. Dr. Supinski will perform a thorough examination when you visit his Somerset office, which will help him determine which medications or treatments that will be most beneficial for you.

Prescription analgesics and NSAIDS are stronger than drugstore products and may offer better pain control. Prednisone and cortisone, two types of corticosteroids, are often used to decrease inflammation that can cause painful arthritis symptoms. Corticosteroids are available in oral form, but may also be injected directly into a painful joint.


Arthroscopic surgery, a procedure that removes small pieces of loose cartilage and smooths joint surfaces, can be helpful in some cases. Surgery is performed through tiny incisions made over your knee or shoulder. When joint damage in the knees and hips are severe, joint replacement may be recommended. Joint fusion, another surgical option, can be used to treat severe arthritis in the fingers, ankles and wrists.